Lunch a la carte

“Amélie” oysters from Marennes-Oléron served in three variations

Raw marinated halibut with grilled lemon vinaigrette, pickled green strawberries & sorrel

Salted salmon with sour cream, dill emulsion, radish & crispy rye

Beef tartare with crème of ceps, egg yolk & Jerusalem artichokes

Slettens fish soup with saffron, salted cod & pickled carrots

Cod with cabbage, gooseberries, fried chicken skin & sauce with bakskuld

Braised & glazed pork cheek with smoked leek, Comté & potato foam

Grilled tenderloin of beef with tomato, fermented garlic & sauce hollandaise

Cheese & dessert

Selection of cheeses with sweet & crisp

Sorbet of Danish apples with roasted hazelnuts & yuzu

Cherries, spice cake, vanilla ice cream & caramel sauce  

Sea buckthorn en Surprise 145,-*

135,- pr. dish. All dishes are served in starter size

We recommend that You eat 2 – 3 dishes for lunch

Christmas lunch at Sletten

 475,- pr. guest

The menu must be selected by a min. of 2 guests at the table


Salted salmon with horseradish, dill & roe

Smoked eel with egg yolk & chives

Fried herring with mustard & onion


 Salami of venison with mushrooms & pickled pine

Braised pork belly with blueberries & Jerusalem artichokes

Croquette of duck with truffle creme


Cheese with pickled prunes & crispbread

Cherries with white chocolate, spice cake & vanilla


All of the above in three servings