A la Carte

“Gillardeau” oysters from Marennes-Oléron served in three variations

Raw marinated halibut with grilled lemon vinaigrette & sorrel

Salted salmon with smoked emulsion, radish, pickled artichoke & malt

Tatar of beef with pickled gherkins, romaine salad & emulsion of leek

Lobster bisque with fennel, fermented chili & cilantro

Fried zander with pickled green strawberries, sea kale & smoked mussel sauce

Confit of "Label Rouge" chicken with onion soubise, leek, artichoke & Sherry sauce

Iberico pork with grilled spinach, potato puree & pepper sauce

Cheese and dessert

Selection of Scandinavian cheeses with sweet & crisp

Raspberries with elderflower, meringue, chamomile & sorbet

Danish strawberries with white chocolate, rose hip & sorbet of yoghurt

Sea buckthorn en Surprise – a classic from formel B 150DKK


140,- pr. dish. All dishes are served in starter size

We recommend that You eat 3 – 5 dishes for dinner

Sletten Menu

All the dishes are served in starter size and can also be selected individually


Cured scallop with tarragon, grilled eggplant & fermented tomato 160DKK

Turbot with pointed cabbage, peas, menthe & turbot sauce 185DKK

Grilled tenderloin with baby corn, garlic puree, black currant & truffle sauce 195DKK

Danish strawberries with white chocolate, rose hip & sorbet of yoghurt 140DKK


Menu 650DKK

Wine pairing 550DKK

Commercial cards, issued within or outside of EU/EEA and private cards issued outside EU/EEA, will be surcharged with a fee, which will be shown on your receipt. The fee rate may vary depending on the type of card and the country of origin.